The Community of Pope John XXIII

The Association, specific vocation, history and path of the community founded by Father Oreste Benzi

Father Oreste Benzi

Father Oreste Benzi

The founder of the Community of Pope John XXIII, defined by Pope Benedictus XVI as 'a tireless apostle of charity for the helpless and the least'.

Sandra Sabattini

Sandra Sabattini

Servant of God and member of the Community of Pope John XXIII. Various testimonies describe her as a lively girl, full of contagious joy. She was 'spontaneously oriented towards the divine'. Her cause of beatification and canonisation was initiated in 2006.

Removing the causes of injustice

The fields in which the Association is committed to remove the causes of injustice. In this way we try to contribute to the realisation of the Kingdom of God.


Our family homes, emergency shelters, therapeutic communities, Bethlehem huts, and other kinds of centres realised as a result of our life shared directly with the poor and the least.

You can help

There are many ways in which you can help and share our path with us. Find out how!